Portable 3800PSI High Pressure Cleaner 3200W Electric High Pressure Washer Power Washer with 8 Meters Hose

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Material: plastic aluminum, steel

Net size and weight: 81*39*33cm/12.5kg

Color; black and yellow

Voltage: 240V/50HZ

Power: 3200W

Maximum pressure: 260bar (3800PSI)

Flow rate: 6.8L/min

Maximum flow: 8.5L/min

Power cord length: 5 meters

Hose Length: 8 meters


Almost every household now has a car. Car lovers are no strangers to car washing, and often face the exhaustion of washing the car by oneself. It is not a long-term solution to spend money to wash the car. So, a high-pressure cleaner is the most suitable for you. This high-pressure washer is fully equipped, and different accessories can be used for different cleaning methods. Lotus nozzle, whirlpool jet, effectively clean surface stains. Right-angle nozzle, high-pressure water discharge, remove invisible dead angle dirt. The brush removes dirt and does not damage the surface of the car body. With this high-pressure washer, washing the car by yourself is also very convenient.


Clean in about 10 minutes and return you a new car

Various accessories, efficient cleaning

Strong power, no damage to paint

Dirt, dust, stains, easy to handle

Small size, easy to move


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