Multifunctional Foldable Household Aluminum Alloy Non-slip Single-sided Extendable Ladder

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Product specifications
Material: Aluminum Alloy        Step: about 30cm
Minimum height: 85CM           Maximum load: 150kg
Maximum height: 3.8M           Color: silver
Net weight: 10.1kg                   length*width*height: 48*7*85CM


Whenever you need to install some decorations on the ceiling at home, the height is not enough, and the ladder becomes a key collaboration tool. This ladder has a retractable design, which can be quickly extended and contracted at will, flexible in use and easy to operate. It can bear a weight of up to 150kg, has a small volume after shrinking, does not occupy much space, and is convenient for storage. The bottom is equipped with non-slip rubber feet, so everyone can use it with peace of mind. Whether it is installing curtains indoors or changing light bulbs, it can be easily solved.


Climbing work with a maximum load of 150 kg

Telescopic design, free to expand and contract quickly, flexible to use, easy to operate

Wide range of uses, suitable for different height environments

After the ladder is contracted, the volume is small, and it occupies a small area, which is convenient for storage and transportation

Stable, durable and safe

Rubber feet, non-slip

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