32m Dream Lover KING Size Flower Knitted Medium Firm Elastic Pocket Spring Foam Sponge Mattress on Sale

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Color: black and white

Size and weight: 203*183*32cm/53.4kg King Size

Material: polyester knitted fabric

Performance: Quilting (above):

Knitted fabric 320g/m2;

Polyester fiber 100g/m2;

3cm D25# egg-shaped foam

2cm D25# foam;

25 grams of non-woven fabric

Layer: 2cm D25# egg-shaped foam

Felt: 700 grams of black cotton felt

Spring: 7 zone pocket spring,

Wire: 1.8/2.0, 2 rows of 2.3 wires around to strengthen

Felt: 700 grams of black cotton felt

Square: knitted fabric + 1cm D20# foam + 25g non-woven fabric

Quilting (bottom): high quality non-woven fabric

The mattress has 4 handles



Use egg sponge to protect the lumbar spine while keeping the waist soft

The mattress uses seven-zone pocket springs

This area has the same stability as the waist area. Latex is naturally soft, so it can provide proper support for the knee to prevent allergies and fires

Package Contents

1x mattress


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