3200W Electric High Pressure Washer 3800PSI High Pressure Cleaner Portable Power Washer with 4 Nozzles, 8 Meters Hose, Built-in Detergent Tank

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Material: plastic aluminum, steel

Net size and weight: 31*37*70cm/11.53kg

Color; black and yellow

Voltage: 240V/50HZ

Power: 3200W

Maximum pressure: 260bar (3800PSI)

Flow rate: 6.5L/min

Maximum flow: 8.2L/min

Power cord length: 5 meters

Hose length: 8 meters


When you need to clean the stubborn stains on the car or the glass, it is definitely difficult to clean it with a normal water gun or cleaning with a rag. The high-pressure water gun device of this high-pressure cleaner makes the high-pressure plunger pump produce high-pressure water to clean the surface of the object. The impact of the water is greater than the adhesion between the dirt and the surface of the object. The high-pressure water will peel off the dirt and then wash it away. Clean the equipment to clean the surface of the object. Efficient cleaning, easy to carry, simple to use, it is the cleaning equipment that is always available at home for car lovers.


Two wheels at the bottom, easy to move

Convenient and efficient, fast cleaning

Instantly clean and easy to use

Applicable occasions: bicycles, car bodies, roads, glass windows, etc.

Different nozzles, multiple combinations, enhance the cleaning effect

Package content

1*Standard HPG15 gun

1*Conventional nozzle

1*Built-in soap bottle

1*low pressure nozzle

1*8m high pressure pipe

1*Right angle nozzle

1*Lotus nozzle

1*square brush


1*Quick connector


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