24cm Dream Lover Knitted Elastic Pocket Spring Sponge Foam Comfy Mattress

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Spring mattress

Color: gray, black

Mattress content:

Top seam:

Knitted fabric 220g/m2;

Polyester fiber 100g/m2;

                        1cm D20# foam

                        1.5cmD20# foam

                        25g non-woven fabric

Felt: 700g black felt

Spring: 7 zone spring (22cm high wire thickness-middle 1.8/2.0mm, strength about 2.3)

Bottom seam:

Felt: 700g black felt

Knitted fabric + 1cm D20# foam + 25g non-woven fabric

High-quality non-woven fabric

If you find the ideal foam mattress and the most comfortable mattress with springs, then our mattress must be your ideal choice. High-quality 7-zone springs are powerful springs on the market, supporting all parts of your body. Memory foam brings you a more comfortable sleeping experience. Not to mention our high-quality multilayer sutures. Our egg-shaped sponge can also help you sleep well. Choosing our products, you can not only spend a lot of money to buy a king-size mattress, but also enjoy a king-size sleeping experience.


High-quality 7-zone spring supports all parts of the body

Advanced memory foam with egg-shaped foam

24CM thickness brings a firmer mattress

A long day for your sweet dreams

Anti-dust/anti-mite, bring you a comfortable sleeping experience

The most cost-effective choice and quality service


Package Contents

Spring Foam mattress x1





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