High Elasticity 7 Zones Independent Pocket Spring 36 CM Height Double-sided Lying Comfort Sponge Mattress

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Dream Paradise





polyester knitted fabric, spring, sponge





190 *91*36 CM / 23 KG



Rest, sleep

King Single

203 *107*36 CM / 28.5 KG


190*137*36 CM / 36 KG

Queen Size

203 *153*36 CM / 43 KG

King Size 

203 *183*36 CM / 52 KG


In a person's life, almost one-third of the time is in the sleep stage, one can imagine how important sleep is. Sleeping is also something everyone has to do every day. A good sleep can help people relieve fatigue, relax their brains, and be more energetic the next day. Choosing a good mattress can help you improve the quality of sleep. From now on, deep sleep is no longer a dream. This mattress is made of polyester knitted fabric, 7-zone independent pocket springs and high-quality sponge. It has high strength and elastic recovery ability. Therefore, it is durable, wrinkle-resistant and non-ironing. The highly elastic and breathable egg-shaped foam always provides durability and comfortable rest. Most importantly, the mattress has a double-sided design, with egg-shaped foam on one side and cool gel memory foam on the other. It is equivalent to having two types of mattresses at the same time, so you can choose the side with the appropriate firmness and support according to your needs. Not only that, the mattress is a very hygienic structure to prevent allergens and dust mites from harming your body. A soft and comfortable sleep experience is about to happen.

Product features
High-grade polyester knitted fabric
7 zones independent pocket springs, high elasticity
6-turn working coil system, providing sufficient support
Double-sided design
Two hardnesses, equivalent to having two mattresses at the same time
One side has cold gel memory foam, which is comfortable and cool
Breathable egg-shaped foam
High rebound density sponge, soft and comfortable
Dust mite resistant
No harmful chemicals

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